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Jack Vettriano, 1951-, is a Scottish contemporary painter. His oil painting, The Singing Butler, became a best selling image in Britain. The artist has been described as a purveyor of " soft porn" and a painter of " dim erotica ". In his works women are sexual objects, frequently half naked and vulnerable, always in stockings and stilettos dim erotica.
Jack Vettriano paintings Bluebird at Bonneville, sold for £468,000. In 2004, the canvas art The Singing Butler was sold for £744,500, which was rejected by the Royal Academy summer exhibition.
Vettriano is a self-taught artist in drawing and perspective who manipulates paint in veiled glazes and meaningful shadows. Jack's style is different with salvador dali, pablo picasso,henri matisse,marc chagall, andy warhol,jack vettriano, tamara de lempicka, diego rivera and frida kahlo, roy lichtenstein,norman rockwell, joan miro. Vettriano's style has been compared to that of edward hopper's and Sickert's, and his scudded beaches to those of Boudin. In many of his paintings, there is a hidden narrative, in enigmatic compositions, a starting point for dozens of short stories.
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Olympia Portrait Of Zara Phillips
Jack Vettriano Oil Painting - Olympia Portrait Of Zara Phillips

Olympia Portrait Of Zara Phillips

Totally 128 Jack Vettriano Paintings for Sale

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